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The Early On® Center for Higher Education, an Innovative Project of Clinton County RESA, is Michigan’s pre-service initiative to support the development of highly qualified early intervention personnel to work with infants and toddlers, birth to three with disabilities and/or special needs, and their families.

The Early On (EO) Center supports faculty and other professional development providers to strengthen learning experiences for 2-year and 4-year college students so they are knowledgeable of Early On Michigan and competent in their future work with families of infants and toddlers.


Early On Michigan

What is Early On?

•  A statewide system of early intervention services mandated by federal legislation (Part C of IDEA);

•  Designed to help families find the social, health and educational services that will promote the development of their infants and toddlers with special needs;

•  Based on partnerships between families and service providers and on collaboration among community agencies, organizations and private practitioners;

•  Emphasizes early identification and early services.

Purpose of Part C

“To enable young children to be active and successful participants during the early childhood years and in the future in a variety of settings – in their homes, with their families, in child care, in preschool or school programs, and in the community."




Are you wondering what Early On is?  What Part C is?  This powerpoint will answer all the basic questions you have about Early On including what it is, who’s eligible and what the process looks like for families.

POWERPOINT Early On Basics


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