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Sharing Our Stories Speakers

The Early On (EO) Center for Higher Education offers faculty from two and four year colleges and universities the opportunity to bring into the coursework, the voices of family members who have an infant or young child with a disability or a delay and/or early intervention professionals who work with families. Higher education students experience ‘real life’ family stories about the birth to three years, the impact of early diagnosis and intervention and how the Early On, Part C system operates in Michigan.

Sharing Our Stories and Voices of Early Intervention - parent and professional speakers are one of the most requested and highest rated resource offered by the EO Center.  There is no charge for these presentations.  Family members receive a stipend through the EO Center.

There are two types of speakers or presentations:
1. Family members are available to present, both in person and through web technology.

Each family speaker has participated in a series of workshops and mentoring to prepare their personal story.
Though each story is unique, all speakers will touch on universal themes such as:

  • what it is like to find out your child has a disability;
  • what it is like dealing with ‘the system’, medical personnel, evaluation teams and other professionals;
  • the impact on their whole family and their daily family life;
  • the IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan); goals and outcomes;
  • their concerns, priorities and dreams for their child;
  • their overall experience with early intervention.

Presentations often include a powerpoint with family photos and stories from their family life. Handouts are distributed about Early On including how to request an evaluation and the eligibility criteria. Speakers can adjust their content to meet topical requests from faculty.

2. Early On staff are available to present, both in person and through web technology. The topics include the Early On system and the role and responsibilities of professionals within that system. The professionals who speak come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines; some may also be parents of a child with a disability or special need and can share both perspectives.

Topics that may be addressed:

  • The Early On, Part C process from referral to transition, including forms
  • forming relationships with families
  • family centered assessment
  • careers in early intervention
  • "A day in the life" of an early interventionist
  • functional child and family outcomes
  • routines based family interviews
  • Federal and state Part C of IDEA laws and policies
  • special education, birth to three, or Part B of IDEA
  • other information tailored to meet a particular focus for your class


NOTE: Each faculty may request one speaker per semester.


Sharing Our Stories Parent Presenter - Lisa Huckleberry telling her story on "How Early On Helped One Family".

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